3 Instances in Which You Should Hire an Attorney To Win Your Case

Personal injury case

Are you considering hiring an attorney? There are so many different scenarios in which an attorney can come in handy. You may not be sure if you want to invest in one due to the costs generally associated with hiring a lawyer. However, depending on the nature of your case and the circumstances surrounding it, it may be crucial to your future. You don?t want to try to plead your case or handle a court issue on your own if you don?t have the education to support your arguments. An attorney may be the best investment for your future.

Interested in learning more about different instances in which you may need to hire a law firm to help with a situation? Keep reading for more information on everything from auto accident claims, to workers compensation, to bankruptcy.

3 Reasons You Should Hire an Attorney

You can?t do all the research and preparation necessary to fight for yourself in court. Even if you have some sort of background in law, your specific case may require a different specialty. Hiring an attorney is the most strategic way to make sure that you don?t jeopardize your future.

1. Bankruptcy case

Every year, there are around 1.5 million people in the United States who file for bankruptcy, according to US bankruptcy court statistics. With so many people filing, it makes sense that there are plenty of bankruptcy lawyers to choose from to help with these cases. You shouldn?t attempt to argue your own case in court. When it comes to filing for bankruptcy you could end up losing even more. Whether you?re filing for personal bankruptcy or bankruptcy for your business, it is going to cost you some money out of pocket to file and to work with an attorney.

Studies show that when filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, if you hire an attorney your success rate is nearly 95%. For Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the success rate isn?t high, but it?s still more than half of the time coming in at 55%.

2. Auto accident claims

People are constantly driving their cars while distracted. They might be using their phone, listening to music, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In any of these scenarios, there is some type of distraction that can result in an accident, an injury, or even a fatality. In any given moment, there are approximately 660,000 people driving while distracted by their phone whether they?re texting, speaking on the phone, or listening to music. On top of that, around 300,000 people drink drunk every single day with less than 4,000 arrested for their actions.

If you are the party who caused the accident or someone who was hurt due to an accident that wasn?t your fault, you should hire an attorney to help with the case. Either way, you?re going to need help arguing what your punishment should be or how much compensation you deserve if suffered a personal injury.

3. Workers compensation case

You never know when you may get injured while at work. While most people try to save up in an emergency bank account in the event that something does happen and they are out of work, less than 25% of Americans actually have six months of expenses saved up. If you?re injured at work, don?t give in if the company tries to deny your workers compensation claim. Instead, you need to hire a workers compensation lawyer to help you get the benefits you deserve. Whether you need compensation for medical bill, needs money for time away from work, or need guarantee that your job will be there for you when you are healed, an attorney can help figure all these issues out with your employer.

Have you recently hired an attorney to help with your case? Did it help you get the outcome you wanted? Let us know in the comments about your experience finding the right lawyer to help with your specific situation.

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