A Criminal DUI Attorney Can Help You Find Your Best Options

Drunk driving is a dangerous and life-threatening activity that you shouldn’t do in any circumstances. However, most people don’t have enough knowledge about the dangers and penalties of drunk driving. If you want to learn more about this topic, read our DUI for Dummies guide, where we’ll tell you everything you should know about DUI cases.

A common question regarding DUI cases is: “What does 3 counts of DUI mean?” And to answer that with precision, you’ll need the help of a DUI lawyer. A DUI lawyer can help you understand the basic concepts of drunk driving and how to start your lawyers drivers license reinstatement. A DUI lawyer can explain when will you be excused for driving under the influence and what to do after a DUI case. Another common question is: “Can I drive after a DUI?” Most DUI lawyers will advise you to avoid driving until you dismiss your allegations.

DUI cases should be taken seriously, as they can take your driver’s license. Avoid dealing with these scenarios by being clean while driving or learning more about DUI cases. Contact us for more information.

When you get arrested for driving under the influence, it can be quite stressful. You’ll likely be wondering, ‘Can I drive after a DUI?’ Considering the consequences, you’ll need to enlist the help of a DUI lawyer, and you want to hire the best one.

A great place to start is by seeking recommendations from neighbors, friends, and family members. Alternatively, you can ask a legal professional who’s represented you before to point you to one specializing in DUI law. You can also search for an attorney on Google.

Check online reviews and testimonials of past clients to learn more about the reputation of any lawyer you want to hire. Schedule a consultation appointment through call, chat, text, or email. A meeting will allow you to interact with them and evaluate their competence and communication skills.

You can use this opportunity to ask questions like ‘Can you drive after getting a DUI?’ or the difference between intoxicated vs impaired. Be sure to verify their credentials and experience. Only hire a DUI attorney who’s licensed to practice in your state.

The first step to knowing if you can still drive after getting a DUI is hiring a lawyer. Use these tips to find the right one for your case.

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Parent A’s Situation
The bottles of alcohol that you found hidden in your son?s closet three summers ago should have been an indicator. If not the bottle, then the marijuana that you later found in the same son’s closet. They were all warning signs. Signs that you forced yourself to ignore. Mistakes that you were all too willing to help your son erase. And now when that same son is a 22-year old father who has been charged with his second offense of driving under the influence (DUI), you find yourself looking for the best criminal DUI attorney.
Parent B’s Situation
Your daughter’s lack of exposure to alcohol may not have been the best way to prepare her for going to college. While your intentions were good, the fact that you and your spouse never drank kept her pretty innocent. Combined with the fact that you kept absolutely no alcohol in your home meant your daughter was sheltered not just from the drinking, but from the consequences as well. And now when you get the phone call from her college disciplinary dean, you find yourself unprepared for what comes next. Although you understand that the first step is getting a criminal dui attorney, you must also figure out what to do about counseling so that she will be allowed to finish the semester.

How Do You Recover from a Serious Mistake?
Errors in judgement can be costly, especially when they involve drinking and driving. In fact, penalties across the nation are getting more and more strict when it comes to driving while under the influence. For instance, Ohio has an implied consent law. Drivers refusing to submit to a chemical test will be subject to a fine and automatic license suspension. Ohio law enforcement primarily use the term operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) which is the same as a DUI in other states, but the implications of the implied consent law are the same. A driver cannot refuse a chemical test without suffering consequences. A criminal defense attorney in this state must work from the standpoint while lawyers in other states may have different parameters. With that said, sound legal advice would tell you that a criminal DUI attorney who is familiar with the DUI laws in your state may provide the best advice.
In almost all situations, these serious mistakes will not get better without proper and qualified representation. The decision to find a good lawyer is the first step in recovering from a mistake that can leave you with a criminal record, a fine, jail time, or a combination of these consequences. If you have never had to find a good attorney before, you might consider the following:

  • This may not be the time to go a friend who is an attorney. While some acquaintances may indeed be great attorneys, the easy choice is not always the best answer.
  • Consider going to an attorney who specializes in DUI cases. They may be the most knowledgeable about any new dui laws and specific state dui laws.
  • If this is your first offense be ready to be advised that you may need to plead guilty. In situations where your blood alcohol level was so high that it cannot easily be disputed, this may be the legal advice that you are given.
  • An attorney who is accustomed to specialized knowledge in this area, including knowledge of traffic laws, motor vehicle laws, and regulations for ignition interlock devices.
  • Focus on finding an attorney that has expertise and commitment. Their skill level may be able to help lessen your penalties.
  • You must understand exactly who will be representing you. Some large firms will have a large team of lawyers and anyone of them could show up in court. For your comfort level, you will likely want to have developed a client attorney relationship with the person who represents you.

The Parent Solution
In the end both Parent A and Parent B decided to help their adult children find the best qualified attorneys. Would you do the same? The consequences for a DUI conviction can be very strict. Second or third offenses are very serious. A criminal DUI attorney will help the situation.

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