A Day in the Life of a Criminal Attorney

If you’ve ever wondered what a criminal lawyer does, you should check out this video. The first goal of an attorney is to see if a case can be dismissed. They will talk to the judge and the prosecutor to avoid jail time and see if they can get the case dismissed. If the case goes to trial, they will try to convince a jury that their client is innocent.

If the state has enough evidence, the attorney may try to reduce the time a client spends in jail.

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This may include a plea agreement, which reduces the charges and the associated punishment. If the client is found guilty at a trial, the attorney will talk to the judge during sentencing to try to reduce the sentence.

The criminal attorney will talk to the client to understand their version of events. They will gather evidence that supports their client’s innocence, and try to refute any evidence the prosecution has. They will read police reports, and speak to police officers, and the prosecutor.

They may schedule a court date. If their client is currently in jail, they will get a bail hearing. They will speak to the judge hoping to get the bail lowered or removed so their client can get out of jail until the case is resolved.

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