Accidents Becoming More Prevalent on Our Roadways

Commercial truckers on the road

Accidents are always happening. From accidents in the trucking industry, to car accidents that change our lives, our roadways are not as safe as they always seem. When you are involved in any type of road accident, you may wonder where to turn to get the compensation you deserve depending on the circumstances of your case. An injury attorney can sometimes suit your needs no matter who was at fault: from the driver of an 18 wheeler, to a motorcycle rider, to another passenger vehicle driver.

Accidents Across the Country

Personal injury lawyers see road accidents every single day, because let’s face it, sometimes the roads can be a dangerous place. Statistics show us many things, such as the fact that thousands of people will die every year because of accidents involving semi-trucks. 3 million people are also left injured every year due to car accidents on the roadways. Nobody gets behind the wheel of their vehicle and says to themselves, “I think I’m going to be in an accident today.” With so many things left to chance, we never know what we will experience, but we can be prepared knowing a car accident or trucking accident attorney will have our backs if the moment arises.

Accidents happen for a variety of reasons in the U.S., from distracted driving, to drunk driving, to speeding. Many accidents happen due to driver negligence, with one of the most common being distracted, with a common example being those who text and drive. In some cases, truck drivers illegally get behind the wheel of their vehicle even though they are not well-rested and fall asleep at the wheel hours later. They wake up to terrible accidents, many of which will involve serious injuries and even deaths. This can be devastating in nature because a semi-truck tends to weigh 80,000 pounds, while the average car weighs around 5,000 pounds. With this difference in mind, it makes sense why these accidents spawn so many injuries.

An accident of any type can be devastating and life-changing, which is why you should always have options after your accident. Luckily, you are never at a loss for a personal injury attorney because we have experience in these cases and can help in every way. If you have been injured and need compensation for your damages, a personal injury attorney can help you from the filing process all the way through to trial.

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