Legal Advice for the Remainder of 2020: How You Can Handle the Unexpected

Although you’re certainly not planning to experience a legal situation during the rest of 2020 or into 2021, you may find yourself in a scrape. It can happen to the best of people, after all. But the most important thing to do when you get into a legal situation is to understand how to proceed.

Why You Should Hire a Car Accident Lawyer To Work Your Case

There are roughly more than six million car accidents in the U.S. annually. These accidents may cause bodily harm to you or a third party, or physically damage the vehicles involved in the accident. Most…

Strategic Legal Advice You May Want to Hear

Many purchases and other endeavors require the aid of lawyers, financial consultants, inspection agents, bankers, and more. A criminal defense attorney may negotiate in criminal court for their client to have an ignition interlock device…

4 Tips To Make The Divorce Process Easier On Your Child

The process of going through a divorce isn’t easy for anyone, but especially for your kids. First marriages that end in divorce typically last eight years and thousands of kids experience the stress of divorcing…

Police Dash Cams and Body Cams Protect Everyone

There have been a lot of media reports lately regarding accusations of police misconduct. A few of these cases were justified, but many more of them were likely to be follow ups to the legitimate…

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An Interview with Sheli Fulcher Koontz of Law-Idaho PLLC

Attorney Sheli Fulcher Koontz co-founded the Law-Idaho PLLC firm with partner Rick Dredge to provide quality legal services for personal injury, workers’ compensation, divorce, child custody and medical malpractice to clients across the state of…

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