Data Response and Private Investigators Can Help Your Company

Computer forensic services

Many people find themselves in a position where they may require the services of an investigator and data response services such as a computer forensics specialist. Data response may be used to prove cases of fraud involving divorces, child custody, intellectual property theft, and other such situations.

Insurance fraud is also a prime reason for using investigators who know how to use computer forensics services, as well as data response. This type of fraud generally occurs with a person tries to get some benefit or advantage that they would not otherwise be entitled by using fraudulent means. The most common for of insurance fraud is the exaggeration of loss or inflation of the loss. These crimes can range in severity, for just a little bit of exaggeration to actually causing the accident or damage in order to make a claim.

Sheriffs departments, as well as cities and towns of all size often employ data response services and private investigators. These investigators can investigate crimes such as corporate cyber crime, property theft, embezzlement and other such crimes that may need the assistance of data response investigators outside the purview of the police department. These investigators often provide expert testimony in criminal and civil court cases.

You may be considering hiring a private detective at your business. Perhaps you are a bar or restaurant that is experiencing loss a greater level than it should. You may suspect your employees of embezzling money from the bar and need data response services and digital forensics services . Perhaps you have a company that deals with a lot of inventory, and you want to make sure that your inventory does not walk out the back door with unscrupulous employees. The same goes for the theft of intellectual property and data response on networks.

You may also need data response and surveillance services for a divorce or child custody situation. Your soon to be ex spouse may be hiding assets, or other such fraudulent activities.

If you are considering surveillance, it is a good idea to hire professional investigators. If done incorrectly, there are many liability issues that you may face. For instance, there have been court cases that found an employer liable after a camera was installed in private areas such as bathrooms and dressing areas.

A professional investigation firm can come in and discuss your needs. They will let you know what your options are as far as the types of surveillance you may require. Once the surveillance is complete, these investigators can also be of assistance during any subsequent court proceedings.
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