Documents Needed When Seeking Reduced or Free Legal Services

Free legal service

Many people are unable to afford the high cost associated with hiring a lawyer or attorney. Free legal services, which are available to most individuals, can help people solve their legal problems without having to go broke.

When seeking the help of a free legal service, it is important to come to your scheduled appointment prepared. The following will help you know what information you will need to bring for a meeting at a place that offers free or reduced cost legal services.

Most places that offer reduced cost or free legal services will ask for some form of ID. When arriving at your scheduled interview, make sure you bring several forms of ID. Common forms of ID that are accepted by places that offer free or reduced legal services include a birth certificate, passport, and driver’s license.

Another set of documents a place that offers reduced or free legal services will want to see is any and all paperwork relating to your legal case. A place cannot offer advice or help if they do not understand the entire legal situation. Bring any and all documents that relate to your legal case to the legal service, as this will allow them to assess your case with a full understanding of all the information surrounding it.

The last set of documents you will want to bring to a place that offers reduced or free legal services is proof of income. Many of these places only offer free legal services to individuals who can show proof of financial hardship. Proof of financial hardship can be proven with the help of pay stubs, bank statements, and other financial documents.

Free legal services are available to help individuals in need. Bringing these documents to your meeting can help speed up the process and help get you the legal help you need in a timely fashion.

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