Facts On Hiring a Legal Team

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The impact that drunk driving has on the United States is incredibly costly in terms of finances and people’s livelihood as well. This crime costs the United States nearly $200 billion a year and that does not even cover the number of deaths it brings about. As a result, there are plenty of people who will hire a legal team to help them out in court. Here are all of the facts on hiring a legal team.

Every single day there are people who drive drunk nearly 300,000 times. What is scary about this stat is that most people are only arrested just about 4,000 times. So, unfortunately, there are people who will be repeated drunk drivers and will not get caught. this puts a lot of people in danger and is one of the reasons why people will hire a legal team.

Just about 97% of bankruptcies in 2014 were personal and 3% were business. The process of bankruptcy seems daunting and dangerous but with the help of the right lawyer or attorney, you will get more than enough help with taking care of this process.

A recent Harvard University study showed that medical expenses account for approximately 62% of personal bankruptcies in the United States. This is not fair to the person that is going to bed dealing with bankruptcy. However, the right kind of legal team will be able to get you good results from this situation. The top 5 states with the most bankruptcy filings in 2014 include California, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Ohio.

Statistics show that student loans account for at least 1% of all U.S. bankruptcies, which translates to roughly 15,000 bankruptcies a year. Bankruptcy filers must pay a filing fee. For a Chapter 7 case, the fee is $335. For a Chapter 13 case, the fee is $310. These fees may be intimidating at first but however, the proper legal team is worth the payment.

With an attorney, the success rate for Chapter 7 bankruptcy claims is over 95% and the success rate for Chapter 13 is 55%. Fewer than one in four Americans have enough money in their savings account to cover at least six months of expenses in the event of an emergency. As a result, if you are facing bankruptcy you need to work hard to get a talented legal team on your side.

Just about 85% of worker’s compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors. Nearly 22% of slip/fall incidents resulted in more than 31 days away from work. The maximum average compensation for an employee who damaged one arm at work in the United States amounted to approximately $169,880 as of March 2015.

In Conclusion

Every single year there are Americans that reach out for the help of a legal team when filing bankruptcy, getting a divorce, or dealing with serious issues. Anyone that is looking for a talented law firm or a reliable legal team it is important to get good help and that is why this search should take some time.

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