Four Reasons Patents and Trademarks are Important for Your Business

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Patents are important for a number of reasons, and obtaining a patent is an important part of any business. Without a patent you are leaving yourself open to certain risks. In the last 20 years there has been a jump in patent lawsuits from 500 annually to almost 3,000 annually. A design patents term is measured as 14 years starting from the date the patent is granted. Experienced trademark attorney services are experienced in trademark laws and can help you acquire the necessary patents for your business. Read below to see exactly why patent laws are important and required.


The purpose of a trademark is to keep consumers for misleading information. These marks deal solely with the market which produces the goods and services. It represents the goodwill of the business which is producing the goods or providing the services. These marks provide consumers with the ability to make judgments about the product without having to actually sample the product. Trademarks allow consumers to link new products with older products that they know and love, therefore making them more comfortable trying new things.


Before you even start deciding on a trademark you should perform a search to ensure that the trademark is available. Before you get your heart set on a patent and enlist the help of a patent attorney or trademark attorney services you need to make sure your trademark is available. Patent law and trademark law is very complex, therefore it is recommended that you do not proceed without consulting with patent lawyers or trademark attorney services.

Use Your Rights

Majority of countries require you to obtain a trademark registration in order for you to gain trademark rights. In order to obtain trademark rights you must remember a few things. Your trademark should stay in use consistently. It must consistently appear on all of your goods or services and should be easily seen. Trademark attorney services can assist you with all the necessary requirements for you to gain your trademark rights and keep them.


There are four basic categories of trademark protection. Trademark attorney services can help you determine which one is the right fit for you. A higher score of a trademark gives it greater commercial recognition. This means it holds much more protection than the others. The four terms starting with the lowest category are generic, descriptive, suggestive and arbitrary.

Patents run for different terms. Utility patents are good for 20 years of the filling date compared to 14 for design patents. These specifications can make patents laws confusing for anyone. This is the reason for experience trademark attorney services and patent services. They understand the laws surrounding trademarks and patents and can help you make the best choice for you and your business.

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