Have You Been Accused Of Drug Possession Charges? You Need To Talk To A Criminal Defense Attorney

The function of a criminal lawyer is to make sure you are adhering to the law. The reverse is also true.

You deserve to know the full extent of your options when you’re accused of a drug possession charge. Unfortunately, this can be difficult due to the different laws each state is beholden to. When you visit a law firm, a criminal defense lawyer will provide you the experience necessary to navigate the legal system. This means brushing up on local laws, reviewing your past history, and taking advantage of useful resources. Anything less can see you unlawfully convicted.

Your first order of business is to learn about the nature of a drug possession charge and the legal services at your disposal. Read below to pick up the basics that your case will be built upon.

Drug violations are a serious crime punishable by a fine or jail time in the United States. Of the over one million arrests for drug law violations in the country back in 2016, nearly 85% were for possession of a controlled substance. This is a term used to denote any sort of drug that is heavily regulated by the government. Overall, this year saw one and a half million arrests for drug law violations. The type of drug you have in your possession, how much, and in what state will all change the final conclusion.

Past criminal records will also heavily influence what sort of legal discipline you receive. The state of Ohio alone sees nearly two million people having criminal records, according to studies provided by the Ohio Justice and Policy Center. People in Ohio with a criminal record on their file will face over 900 barriers known as ‘collateral sanctions’ — these state laws restrict their employment, housing, and various rights and privileges. If you have plans to attend schools or adopt a child, for example, you’ll need to meet with a criminal defense lawyer first. Even prescription medications can be abused.

Many people who deal with cocaine or heroin will first develop an addiction to painkillers. Prescription medications such as Oxycoctin can be heavily abused and misused, leading to arrest for possession. By the time July of 2015 arrived, over 70 million people in the United States had criminal records indexed by the Interstate Identification Index. When you find an attorney, you give yourself a way to look at your case with a practiced eye. There could be important details that could lighten your sentence or give you an alternate route toward a clean record.

It’s important to note, however, nothing is guaranteed in the legal system. Before you address your drug possession charges, visit your local law firm and ask for a consultation. Getting to know your criminal defense lawyer is essential in helping you tackle the paperwork inherent in addressing your case. Should your drug possession charges overlap with a drunk driving charge or a neglect charge, additional professionals may also be brought in. Criminal defense is a vast field, overlapping with many other minor and major issues, and shouldn’t be handled alone.

You’ve been given drug possession charges. Now what do you do? Write down a list of questions and concerns for your criminal defense lawyer to look over. They will give you the best possible estimate as to how long you’ll be in legal limbo, which can be extended depending on how many others are involved in your case. Changing laws can make it difficult for you to figure out your own fine or jail time, particularly with some states legalizing marijuana these past few years.

Don’t operate on guesswork with drug possession charges. Reach out to your law firm and ask to speak with a criminal defense attorney.

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