How Criminal Defense Cases Get Dismissed

Receiving a charge for a criminal offense is a serious legal matter that can negatively impact your life, but you may be able to get that charge dismissed. In this video, a criminal defense lawyer discusses some of the common ways they can get charges dismissed and what to expect from the process.

Evidence is the key to all criminal cases, and if there’s insufficient evidence, the prosecutor doesn’t have a strong case against you.

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This can be due to the fact the police officer who wrote the report didn’t do a thorough job, or their description of the events doesn’t meet the standards that are set by the law. Your lawyer puts you through their interview to learn the facts of the case, then compares them to the information the prosecution has against you.

The criminal defense lawyer’s role is to discuss your case with the prosecution, point out the flaws in the evidence and testimony of any witnesses, and get the prosecutor to agree that the case is weak. This is a process that can take time, and time is on your side. As you’re waiting for your case to progress, your attorney will have you engage in behavior modification activities to make you look better to the prosecution. These tactics and others like them help you improve your chances of getting your criminal case dismissed.

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