Interested in a Non-Gory Version of CSI?

Litigation support analyst

Even if you do not go to a crime scene, you too can be a part of the document review process in a criminal case. If you fancy yourself a computer wiz, you may be just the person that law enforcement may be looking for to help them perform a different type of CSI. This CSI is done completely virtually.

No, not virtual reality. But entirely electronically, with computers. This crime scene investigation treats the alleged culprit’s computer as a crime scene, and your job is to dust for digital prints, and ferret out any clues that you can find on their Facebook page.

  • Computer Forensics Experts
  • You would be delving into the world of computer forensics. Not only does the case rely on you for finding evidence to help in the document review process and the potentially subsequent trial, but it requires a certain finesse in order to attain that evidence. You cannot just tear into a suspect’s computer and pull out all of the incriminating evidence. If you do not follow proper procedure, you may inadvertently tamper with the evidence, which would then make it inadmissible in court.

    You see, any time a file is accessed on a computer, it is marked with a time stamp. It does not necessarily specify what has been changed in that file during that visit, only that it was opened at that time. As such, if a file is opened when the computer is in the custody of the forensics experts, but it is not recorded that nothing was done with the file, then it cannot be used, because it cannot be proven that the evidence being brought to court was not planted there.

  • Early Case Assessment
  • This document review process is fairly integral because it can help save the time and money of many people involved in the case. By being able to bring forth sufficiently damning evidence, evidence that proves the accused to be guilty, a plea bargain may be struck, and the case may never go to court. But, if the alleged culprit thinks that there may be a chance of an acquittal, then they will go through with the whole case. Digital evidence could be just the information necessary to initiate the bargain process.

  • Devices
  • Digital evidence can be anywhere there is a memory. Your iPod, iPad, laptop. Your Facebook account, you email, your camera. A digital forensics expert could even find digital forensic evidence from your phone. And all of it will be collected and pored over, just to make sure nothing is missed. Even a single byte of data could be enough to incriminate someone, so every little electronic device is important.

If you understand computers, if you can dig your way through security and find files that have been disguised, hidden, or even deleted, you just may have what it takes to be a digital forensics expert. So the next time you get in trouble for hacking into a computer, just say that it is practice for when you go into the world of digital CSI work. Visit here for more.

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