Is an Uncontested Divorce Right for You?

Nearly two-thirds of divorces filed are filed by women. There are many types of divorces, but one of the easiest is an uncontested divorce. You may be wondering what an uncontested divorce entails. Simply put, an uncontested divorce is perfect for parties where neither side is fighting. Both parties have agreed to divorce amicably. Just because this is a mutual agreement does not mean that you do not need an attorney. Filing uncontested divorce may take less time and money, but there is still a court procedure involved that requires an attorney.

Who Can File for an Uncontested Divorce?

Couples that want to separate and have no financial disputes including the need for alimony or child custody can file for an uncontested divorce. Another example is when both parties have agreed to divorce proceedings. It still counts as an uncontested divorce even if the other party doesn’t show up for the proceedings. A no-show is considered to be an agreement to a divorce. Consider this type of divorce to be simple, less time consuming and a low-cost divorce option.

You Still Need an Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Even though you may have chosen an uncontested divorce, there are still uncontested divorce forms to be filed. Filing uncontested divorce still requires the best divorce lawyers. They can explain the entire process and help you get started filing for divorce. You can expect all of the legal paperwork to be streamlined with child custody and property information being filed with a statement concerning the grounds for your divorce. If the other spouse changes their mind and disagrees with any of the necessary court filings, then your uncontested divorce will not be granted.

Use Law Offices in West Palm Beach for Filing Uncontested Divorce

Filing uncontested divorce requires the services and support from a divorce lawyer in your area. There are many benefits including savings in consideration of divorce costs. Are you interested in a quick divorce? Filing uncontested divorce allows just that, a clean and simple proceeding that is usually granted much quicker than divorces that are contested. Not having as much legal difficulty allows you the ability to move on with your life faster too.

Uncontested Divorces Lower Conflict

The sooner a divorce can be granted the better it is for parting spouses. It means there are fewer opportunities for conflicts to be encountered. Uncontested divorces tend to minimize conflict between soon-to-be ex-spouses. There are fewer demands that make resolving divorce proceedings much simpler.

Less Divorce Information Filed Means Less of Your Information Becomes Public

An added benefit to uncontested divorces is the amount of information needed for filing divorce is much less. That means that less information will be open for public viewing. Personal and financial information stays private when a divorce isn’t contested.

Court Arguments Are a Minimum

Court arguments are at a minimum, if there any at all, for uncontested divorces. A mutual divorce settlement agreement is filed that details all of your divorce information, including how debts and property are divided as well as child custody arrangements. The agreed-upon settlement is what is considered to be your final divorce. Judges usually approve settlement agreements unless it is obvious that terms are unfair to one side or the other, or the terms were arranged while one party was under duress. Once the required time has elapsed, your divorce will be finalized.

Legal Fees Are Low for Uncontested Divorces

A major advantage to uncontested divorces is lower costs. A lot of times, this type of divorce is completed simply by paying court filing fees. Most divorce attorneys keep their fees low for uncontested divorces because there is less work involved outside of preparing necessary paperwork and assisting with limited negotiations. Sometimes, couples agree to uncontested divorces that don’t require court proceedings. It is a simple way to keep a divorce quick so life moves forward for everyone.

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