I’ve Been Injured In A Car Accident Who Can Help Me Out?

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It only takes a split-second to get into a car crash. Seeking out an auto accident attorney and digging through your insurance for coverage, however, takes much longer. Car crashes are a daily occurrence in the United States and an element your average law office is deeply familiar with from beginning to end. An accident can be caused by a dozen different elements, each one as disastrous as the last, and it’s in your best interest to look up lawyers in your area if you find yourself at the receiving end of a sudden accident.

Drunk Driving

Driving while under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or over-the-counter medication is one of the most common contributors to car accidents in the United States. It’s thought the average drunk driver has driven while under the influence dozens of times before their first arrest. The majority of states require a BAC (or ‘blood alcohol content’) of 0.08% to qualify for a drunk driving charge. The exception is Utah, which lowered the limit to 0.05%.

Distracted Driving

A more insidious factor that contributes to expensive, and even deadly, crashes in the country is that of distracted driving. Operating a vehicle requires the driver’s full attention to keep both them and others on the road safe. When this attention is compromised by texting, eating food or talking to passengers in the back seat the risk of an accident is increased exponentially. Since it can take a second or less to avoid a crash, keeping this very short time frame intact is vital.


Road signs and local laws are in place for a reason. They’re meant to encourage safe behavior on the part of drivers and, when ignored, can increase the risk of an accident. Ignoring the speed limit is a common issue in many cities, with some studies even showing drivers going 20 miles per hour or more than posted signs allow on a regular basis. Although cameras are set in place to catch drivers speeding, this is a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously if lives are to be saved.

Road Rage

The term ‘road rage’ is used to denote a phenomenon in which a driver acts aggressively on the open road. This is a particularly dangerous issue that is attempting to be mediated through a mixture of awareness campaigns and ongoing statistics. An estimated 60% of car crash fatalities are caused by aggressive driving tactics, such as speeding or ignoring posted driving guidelines. Constant insults and threats out an open window also count as road rage. It’s estimated 50% of personal injury cases are related solely to motor vehicle accidents.

Why You Should Have A Lawyer By Your Side

It may take a second or less to be involved in a crash, but the results of said crash can be felt for months or even years. This is why you need to visit your local law office and apply for a lawyer to represent you every step of the way. An auto accident attorney can help with filing an insurance claim and interrogating witnesses should the car crash be involved with additional factors, such as driving under the influence or road rage. The vast majority of personal injury cases are settled pretrial, with your chances increased with the aid of a professional.

When even safe driving isn’t enough to keep you out of harm’s way, a trip to your nearby law office will get you back on the open road in no time.

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