Personal Injury Cases From Lawsuit To Settlement

When you have had an accident and been injured, it can be confusing what to do and how to proceed. In many cases, you may have a personal injury claim that you can take to court. When you decide to go that route, be sure that you get a personal injury lawyer to help you. A personal injury law attorney has a lot of experience with cases like yours, and they can tell what you need to do with your accident body injury case.

Specialists in accident case law know a lot about both the laws in this area and about the region you live in. Sometimes, that can factor into how much you need to ask for. The attorney may also know how various judges in the area tend to act on this type of lawsuit. This is invaluable knowledge that you need to have on your side when you’re going to court for your injury claim.

Getting your case to court is one way to get you a settlement from an insurance company, but there is also another way. Many lawyers will work with the insurance company to come to a settlement amount so that you don’t have to wait for court.

Average personal injury settlement amounts

Each year, there are thousands of vehicular accidents. These can range in terms of how they happen, and what types of vehicles are involved. Typically, they are divided into truck accidents, car accidents, and motorcycle accidents. Following these types of accidents, there is often an investigation that can help prove whether or not a party was at fault. In some cases, traffic accidents are unavoidable twists of fate. Other times, however, there are ways in which accidents could have been prevented, and mistakes made that have far-reaching consequences. While mistakes are mistakes, it is undoubtable that a person needs to be held responsible have they made a mistake that results in serious injury or loss of life. Many times, vehicular accidents are the results of driving under the influence or distracted driving. In cases like these, a personal injury lawyer can help. Personal injury lawsuit settlements are not about receiving financial compensation for an injury because a person believes they deserve money. These settlements are about covering hospital bills that could potentially last a lifetime — or in worst case scenarios, funeral expenses as well. But many remain in the dark about personal injury settlements work — they have questions like what is the typical personal injury settlement time frame, for example, and what types of lawyers handle personal injury cases. Below, we’ll look into issues like these and more — to help you navigate the issue of personal injury lawsuits.

What Kinds Of Car Accidents Lead To Personal Injury Lawsuits?

Not every car accident leads to a personal injury settlement, no matter how devastating. Sometimes, nobody is at fault. But there are some issues that immediately bring to mind personal injury settlements. The first is driving under the influence. Driving under the influence can include drunk driving, as well as driving under the influence of prescription or illicit drugs. Unfortunately, people often get away with this for quite some time before being caught — the typical drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before being arrested. Often, they’re only caught once they’ve caused an accident. Indeed, every two minutes a person is hurt in a drunk driving accident. Distracted driving is nearly as bad, and is becoming an increasingly evident issue as we become more dependent on technology. For example, a person is three times more likely to be in a car accident if they engage with portable technology or cell phones while driving. These kinds of issues cannot be overlooked during a personal injury lawsuit.

What Is The Typical Personal Injury Settlement Time Frame?

Personal injury settlement time frames can vary vastly on things like how strong the case is, what kind of judge is presiding over it, and much more. There is no fixed personal injury settlement time frame. If the defendant just wants to get it over with and settle, it might be resolved very quickly. Often, unfortunately, they do not want to own up to their actions. This means that a settlement can take over a year or longer to procure. But this is not a process you want to drag out. Sometimes, getting the best possible settlement means waiting a while longer. Certainly, this is not a bad thing. It does mean, however, that you have to be ready to fight. Keep in mind that you should take action quickly. There is a statute of limitations that will prevent you from taking a personal injury lawsuit to court — in Tennessee, for example, the statue of limitations for personal injury cases and wrongful death cases is one year.

What Is The Typical Outcome Of Personal Injury Lawsuits?

Typically, personal injury lawsuits result in settlements rather than a long, drawn-out battle. 95% to 96% go to trial, while the rest are settled in the pretrial phase. Usually, the defendant is prepared to settle; the question is more of how much they are willing to settle for. These cases aren’t easy — but they are worth pursuing.

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