The Best Divorce Attorney Can Ease the Stress of Divorce

Questions to ask an attorney about divorce

Marriages are happy occasions. That is almost always the case. Unless something is quite wrong, you can plan on celebrating at any wedding you attend. Not many people go into a marriage with the intention of having it end in divorce. It would be a rare couple you would find that would have that kind of plan. The sad fact is, marriages that begin with Cupid’s blessing do end in divorce and, ironically, the month of February is the month with the most divorce filings.

In terms of length of years married there is no real predictor of divorce, but a study of the numbers tells us that if a first marriage ends in divorce, the average length of time it will last is eight years. There are many reasons divorces occur, just as there are many different types of couples. There are, however, several different reasons that seem to come up again and again as determining factors. The top five reasons most courts see for divorce are infidelity or betrayal, communication difficulties, money problems, abuse, and loss of interest in the marriage.

Just as there are many different reasons for divorce, so are there many different types of divorces. Divorce proceedings that are concerned primarily with child custody issues would likely best be handled by child custody attorneys who handle those kinds of cases on a daily basis. An option that many divorcing couples can take if they are not contesting much else in their divorce is retaining the services of a child custody lawyer who specializes in mediation for child custody. This option can be quicker, less expensive, and often less painful.

In the case of most divorces, having it done with is what the couple wants most. Each wants it done properly, but the pain is often quite great and resolution is often the main desire. In this type of situation, most couples turn to the expertise of a divorce lawyer who can arrange an uncontested divorce. In the United States, the average length of time for a divorce to settle is one year. An uncontested divorce is obviously the type that is the least complicated, but it can take time for papers to be filed and processed and for court dates to be scheduled.

Every year in America, there are over one million people who have parents who are going through a divorce. It is a much more common practice than it was is years past. Couples drift or are pulled apart by a variety of different reasons. When the division of property is seriously contested or custody of the children is a serious issue, divorce proceedings can be drawn out for months and even years. But if a couple wants to part as quickly and amicably as possible, they can opt for and uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, the couple doesn’t even need to see each other during the process.

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