The Best Option If You Find Yourself Injured at No Fault of Your Own

The roadways have become a much more dangerous place in recent years. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, just over 37,000 U.S. residents die in road crashes every year. It’s imperative to know all the facts when you get on the road but maybe even more important to know all your options when something happens that is out of your control.

To begin, you need to understand what the most common factors are in car accidents. Motor vehicle accidents can vary from things like drunk driving collisions all the way to a routine fender bender. One thing to consider is the fact that the younger the driver, the more likely an accident is to occur. Globally, over 50% of all road traffic deaths occur among individuals ages 15-44. When talking about younger drivers, it’s difficult not to discuss the topic of drunk or under the influence driving. In 2015 alone, nearly 1.1 million drivers found themselves arrested for driving under the influence. It’s a problem that continues to plague the roadways and one that seems to be getting worse and worse.

If you find yourself involved in an accident that leaves you injured it may feel like an impossible situation. The best option you may have is an outside one. Personal injury law firms are available nationwide to assist those in need. If you have been injured by what you feel was negligence on the part of a specific party, you should seek out a personal injury lawyer. Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of injury in the U.S., making it a prime source for a good majority of personal injury lawsuits. Other incidents that may be under the personal injury umbrella include workplace injuries or construction accidents.

If you feel a lawsuit isn’t the way to go, one thing to consider is that approximately 95-96% of personal injury cases get resolved pretrial. A trial can put unnecessary stress on you and your family which is why personal injury law firms make it their mission to get everything settled before it gets that far.

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