Three Factors to Consider on Why it is Important to Have an Attorney in a DUII Defense

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For any individual that has been charged with having a duii, it is important to have a duii attorney who is skilled in dealing with such matters. A criminal defense attorney can be helpful in assisting individuals, especially if this is their first time dealing with a criminal issue, and they are unsure how to proceed. For those who are not aware, the legal limit for most states in regards to blood alcohol content (BAC) is usually.08. This means that an individual driving with this level of BAC or above should not be operating a vehicle, and can be criminally charged if they have been found doing so. If an individual is at this level or higher, it is important for them to have a skilled attorney present who can help them with a duii defense. Here are three reasons why it is important to have a knowledgable criminal defense attorney present.

An Attorney Can Explain What to Do When Facing a Dui Charge

Those who have a duii charge for the first time should consult with a duii law firm. This is because it is important to have an attorney who is not only fully aware of the state law, how it will affect a first time offender. Depending on where the individual is located, they may lose their license for one year, have to serve jail time of two days or more, or face over 60 hours of community service. There are usually also fines associated with a duii, which can be $1,000 or more. Duii law can be very strict, and it may be difficult for the individual to work with any charges unless they have an attorney who can advise them if they should plea, or help them work with the charges as best suited to their situation. A duii charge can be scary to face, but for those who have skilled attorneys, it can make facing the situation that much more easy.

An Attorney Can Act as a Source of Sound Professional Advice

Those who are in the middle of a duii defense can benefit from having an attorney who will provide sound advice. This can include letting the individual know likely amounts of time to expect in jail, or how much they may have to pay in fines. Some people might find this helpful, since it gives them ample time to get the money they need, or make arrangements if they have to serve time in jail. If this is the first time a person finds themselves in the middle of a duii defense, it can be a real wake up call, since having to deal with it is not easy. This is common, and often individuals are arrested, but in reality, have gone out drinking many times before. The average individual has usually driven drunk over 70 times before they are finally arrested. Once they are finally arrested, it can give them a better understanding of what they are facing.

An Attorney Can Help Reduce the Amount of Sentences an Individual May be Facing

Sometimes individuals might find themselves charged with multiple instances, such as driving drunk and driving without insurance, to name a few. A duii defense attorney can work with individuals, and even help them to get their charges lowered or dropped for multiple charges. While it is likely they will still face fines, community services, and other charges, this can go a long way in dropping the severity of the case. While this does not apply each and every time, it is helpful for individuals to have an attorney regardless, since they are instrumental in making the changes occur with dropped sentences.

A duii defense attorney is crucial who anyone who is facing criminal charges. These professionals can provide sound legal advice, and help those who have been charged for the first time understand the legal system, and what they should expect. If there were multiple charges with a duii sentence, the attorney can also work in helping to drop those, thereby making the case easier for the individual who has been charged.

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