Tips for Pro Bono Lawyers Planning an Outdoor Fair

If you need to plan an outdoor pro bono lawyers fair, there are quite a few things you’ll need to consider and plan to ensure a successful event. The first step is determining the goal of your event, as this may be to educate, create networking opportunities, or offer free consultations. As the YouTube video suggests, there are many ways to source a pro bono lawyer to cover your case. A fair is just one of the ways that community members can source a lawyer!

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Key Features to Consider

Once you’ve determined the theme of the pro bono fair, it’s time to pick a date, time, and location. Many outdoor venues offer sufficient facilities to cater to any number of attendees. However, not all locations include these features. Most planners may give up on a venue if it doesn’t have the required facilities. Yet, there is a simple solution.

A porta potty rental in Warren, MI will provide the solution for you. Book the portable toilets online and provide a date, time, and location. The rental company will set up and remove your facilities after the event. You can spend your time focusing on other elements of the planning.

Collaborate with legal professionals, offer various legal services, and ensure additional services such as counseling and support. Once these elements are in place, the rest of the planning will be smooth sailing.

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