Traffic Court Here’s How Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help Your Case

If you’ve been charged with a DUII, you’re likely worried and unsure of what comes next in the process. Perhaps you think it’s best to try and fight the case by yourself since not needing a lawyer proves your innocence. That’s what most people think, but it’s not a good idea. A DUI attorney can help you in a variety of ways, particularly if this is your first time going to court for drunk driving. Here’s why you need to hire one today.

You Attorney Can Keep You Updated on Your Case

Drunk driving cases do not always move quickly. You might get called into court and the case could drag out for a while. It’s better to have an attorney, who can inform you of what is going on and anything new they’ve learned. Courts are filled with these types of cases on a daily basis. In fact, 10.3 million people were arrested in 2012 in some offense that was related to driving while under the influence. Having an attorney skilled in criminal matters and traffic court can help you stay ahead of these issues and avoid further problems.

A Lawyer Can Let You Know About Possible Outcomes

When dealing with a DUII or DUI attorney, they can let you know about possible outcomes you’ll have to deal with. This could include serving time, doing community service, paying a fine, or all three. It truly depends if this is your first time getting arrested for driving under the influence. People drive drunk every day, but many are not arrested on their first or even second time. Many drivers go on the roads drunk over 75 times before they get arrested. Your attorney can let you know what to expect based on prior knowledge about what you have (or haven’t) done in the past.

Getting Help From an Attorney Makes the Overall process Easier

Based on previous knowledge with other clients, your attorney can help you figure out what the next steps are. This can include where you’ll pay your fines to, from figuring out if there are steps that can be done to reduce any jail time that is called for. A blood alcohol count level of 0.8 or above can lead to you getting charged with driving under the influence and create additional issues that you weren’t expecting. By having a qualified attorney to help you, you can see about getting your sentence reduced and avoiding a lot of these issues.

If you have a court case coming up that is related to driving under the influence, seek help from a DUI attorney today. They can help you navigate through the court system, making it easier for you to get back to living your life with as few problems as possible. Once you start working with a qualified attorney, you’ll feel confident about moving past this incident, and know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

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