Transvaginal Mesh Litigation

Transvaginal mesh lawyers

As a woman ages and sometimes after giving birth, she can develop pelvic organ prolapsed or POP. Sometimes stress urinary incontinence can occur because of it. If the problem is severe enough, women can go to the doctor and have a surgical procedure done that uses a transvaginal mesh. The problem is that sometimes this procedure can make the woman’s condition worse. The transvaginal mesh was introduced in the 1990s to correct POP. Women who had hysterectomies, or had POP for other reasons were supposed to be helped by this medical procedure, but for many women it turned out to be a disaster. In fact, there was a 10 percent failure rate in 2010 alone. That is 10 percent out of 75,000 transvaginal mesh prolapse surgeries that were done. As a result, a lot of transvaginal mesh lawyers have started transvaginal mesh litigation for female clients.

The FDA issued a public health warning in 2008 about serious complications that can arise after having this surgery done. Women can experience mesh erosion where the mesh material erodes through the vagina, which can be very painful and cause bleeding. Sexual intercourse can become painful and even prohibitive. All kinds of problems can arise after undergoing transvaginal mesh surgery. Women who have undergone this procedure should contact a transvaginal mesh lawyer to see what can be done to be fairly compensated for injury by way of transvaginal mesh litigation.

In 2011, the FDA ordered mesh manufactures to do post market safety studies because the complications after this surgery were increasingly common. Too bad the FDA didn’t require these studies done before they allowed the makers to release the transvaginal mesh on the market. Today, countless women have had to obtain transvaginal mesh attorneys to start a transvaginal mesh litigation for them. If you go to a lawyer and ask them to start a transvaginal mesh litigation for you as a result of damages incurred by this surgery you should be able to get a free case evaluation. If your lawyer determines you have a case for transvaginal mesh litigation they can put this legal process in motion for you.

Women who have had this surgery should be aware that complications can arise right away. Or it can take a couple of years before they begin to have problems. Surgical removal of the mesh material is difficult as tissues may have already begun to grown around it.

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