Understanding the Responsibilities of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

There are many interesting responsibilities of a criminal defense lawyer. Plenty of circumstances call for a lawyer, but how many people understand what a lawyer actually does? A lawyer’s job is to either prevent a client from going to jail. Or, where necessary, convince a judge to release a client from jail.

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Effective lawyers will use evidence and persuasion based on their extensive knowledge of the law to convince judges of their client’s innocence.

In a courtroom scenario, this persuasion also has to be used on a jury. Lawyers must make cases clear and easy to understand for people from all walks of life. After all, a jury can be made up of nearly anyone.

As well as presenting their own evidence and facts, a criminal defense lawyer also analyzes the evidence given by the prosecution. If the evidence is lacking or circumstantial, that could help them prove their client’s innocence. A lawyer can also notice if the prosecution has not followed due process.

In cases where a crime has been committed but perhaps not to the extent the prosecution is claiming, lawyers will argue for a more lenient sentence. A lawyer can point out extenuating circumstances and ensure the jury sees the human face of a client. Working with the right defense lawyer gives clients the best chance at fairness and justice.

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