What You Must Know About Child Custody Battles

Child custody battles tend to be messy. In a bid to win custody, opposing parties sometimes make mistakes. In the YouTube video, “Five Mistakes that People Make In Child Custody Cases,” child custody lawyer Terri Herron documents five common mistakes.

Many parents make the mistake of not allowing the other parent to see their children. Avoid this unless there are solid reasons for it.

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Instead, foster a good parent-child relationship with the other parent.

In custody battles, parents sometimes make disparaging comments about the other parent. Disparaging comments only affect your children negatively. It could also end up as evidence against you in court.

Instances also arise where a parent makes unsubstantiated allegations about the other parent. Allegations should be avoided unless they can be backed up by evidence.

Parents sometimes urge their children to call their new partners “dad” or “mom.” If you’re involved in a custody battle, try not to do this. Instead, find an acceptable name for your children to use.

Lastly, try to be an active part of your children’s lives. Winning custody is easier when it’s apparent that you’re very involved in your children’s lives.


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