When do I Need a Construction Attorney?

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Over the last several years, the construction industry has changed considerably. Between 2006 and 2011, over 40% of the work force has been eliminated as construction has dropped. This caused a lot of changes in the industry, and while it is currently rebounded, many of those changes have stayed in place.

Construction insurance is one of those areas of change. For example, risk insurance for builders carries a limit of a one-year term. Changes in the paperwork for risk coverage has been simplified through improved language commercial property programs.

Advances in 3-D technology have also changed a lot of things as companies are now using 3-D printers to print concrete materials and drones are being used to help engineer s and architects in the accuracy of their plans.

There have also been substantial changes in lawsuits involving construction companies that may be able to help you better answer the question; when do I need a construction attorney? The American Arbitration Association has helped to settle many different construction related lawsuits, so they do not have to go to court. In 2015 alone, they settled 551 construction cases involving claims of $500,00 or more. The total of these claims being for $5.5 billion.

The American Arbitration Association offers alternative dispute resolution. This keeps the case out of court and allows decisions to be made by an objective third party. There are many advantages to this system, opposed to going to court where decisions may be made by a jury of people that do not understand the construction world or contract laws.

Commercial litigation against a construction company can be complicated because there are so many variations in construction law. For example, each state has their own statute of limitations when it comes to suing a construction company, so it is important to consult with a construction attorney as soon as you feel you have a case.

You may also feel you don’t know the first step to hiring a lawyer, but don’t let that deter you if you have a legitimate case. Find an attorney that has experience specifically in the field of construction because they will already be well-versed in the construction laws for your state. Take a look at their record to see how many of their cases were settled in the interest of the plaintiff.

To answer the question, when do I need a construction attorney? The simple answer is as soon as you are asking that question. If you are wondering when you need an attorney, than you already need one. Even if you meet with the attorney and they tell you that you don’t have a case, at least you will know where you stand instead of being left wondering.

When do I need a construction attorney? Now. You should talk to one now.

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