When in Need of an Attorney DWI Houston Residents Have Help

Criminal attorneys in houston

In Texas, a zero tolerance policy exists throughout the state that prevents underage drinkers from getting away with drinking and driving. So any level of alcohol that is detected is grounds for criminal charges in drivers younger than 21 years old. This sounds harsh, but it works to prevent kids from drinking and then getting in the car, violating two Texas and federal laws. When looking for an attorney DWI Houston underage drinkers have experts in criminal defense attorneys in Houston who are familiar with cases involving those younger than 21.

In Texas too, though, the age group with the most DWI offenses and traffic related accidents from drinking are closer to the 21 to 34 age gap, meaning these drivers are legally allowed to drink. Still, the state has harsh punishments for those who violate its DWI laws, which mean anything higher than a 0.08 will result in criminal charges. These crimes are not necessarily felonies, which could result in 5 years plus in jail; however, a criminal attorney in houston texas will already know this and will prepare clients for the punishments they are about to receive for their wrongdoings. So when looking for an attorney DWI Houston residents should ensure they are calling upon attorney DWI Houston experts and not lawyers who are more involved in other types of criminal cases, like white collar crimes involving drugs, fraud, or embezzlement, which are actually considered nonviolent felonies and still do not fall under the realm of getting a DWI in Houston.

Criminal attorneys in houston texas are very familiar with all of the types of cases mentioned above, but not every DWI attorney Houston offers specializes in underage drinking cases or those involving the more populated age group of offenders. A Houston criminal attorney who is perfect for a client is someone who has a lot of familiarity with the particular case type to know what sort of arguments to make and what kind of case to state in court if necessary. The perfect attorney DWI Houston has available is accessible to everyone, though a search for the perfect attorney DWI Houston offers is warranted to ensure that compatibility. This lawyer will know that those convicted of crimes could either get probation instead of or on top of jail time, depending on the crime committed. They also know that violating probation requirements could lead to more criminal charges and, subsequently, more jail time.

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