When to Get Legal Advice After You’ve Been Injured

Personal injury law firm

A lot of people are unsure of when and if to get legal advice. Many a car accident victim and personal injury victim has actually gone without legal advice entirely, hoping to navigate a personal injury lawsuit on their own. There are a lot of good reasons, however, to seek out for the advice of a personal injury attorney. Read on for some facts.

Why Do People File a Personal Injury Claim?

The most common reason a person files a personal injury claim is for car accidents, which comprise 52% of all personal injury claims. Second most common is medical malpractice at 15%, and then product liability at 5%. Another common reason people need legal advice is after a fall from a slip or trip. About 25% of reported injury claims come from this type of injury, and 22% of these result in the victim having to spend more than 31 days away from work. If you have been hurt in any of these situations, a lot is at stake, and it is almost certainly worth your while to get some legal advice.

Most People Don?t Know How to Go a Claim on Their Own

If a personal injury suit is to go forward, there are certain legal obligations which must be met. The right kind of lawyer will be able to advise you om what needs to be proved and how to go about proving it. There also many things to consider when it comes to the logistics of filing a claim, negotiating with insurance companies and negligent parties, talking with lawyers for the other side, and meeting all the requirements of the court that can be extremely difficult for an ordinary person to do it alone.

Get Legal Advice Before Making Any Settlement

Most injury cases are settled out of court and before any trial takes place. In fact, 95% to 96% of them never go to court at all. It is in the best interests of the negligent party to settle, but legal advice is very important so that you know how much you should settle for. A personal injury lawyer can tell you what you can reasonably ask for, as well as the likelihood of winning at trial. Your attorney will also be able to negotiate effectively with the other side.

No one wants to be injured, and a personal injury can be devastating to your health, your job, and your future. With so much at stake, getting legal advice is very important to safeguard your rights and your future.

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