Why Questions to Ask My Divorce Lawyer Are So Important When Scheduling Lawyer Consultations

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For most people, entering into the beginning stages of a divorce is such a far cry from the sheer joy and excitement they felt when they were standing at the altar — or at the courthouse — in order to officially become married to their significant other. But hey, that’s life, and it does happen. In fact, relationships and marriages are the fourth most common cause of stress in the United States. As such, it’s easy to see divorce rates are steadily climbing.

In the United States, it’s estimated that a divorce happens every 36 seconds! That means that in the short period of time it took you to read down to this sentence, countless couples were deciding to get divorced. This equates to nearly 2,400 divorces every single day, 16,800 divorces every single week, and 876,000 each and every year. Needless to say, if you’re going through a divorce you are anything but alone.

The Law is On Your Side

Scheduling a family law lawyer consultation and shopping for divorce lawyers should be top priorities after you and your spouse decide to get divorced. Even if your spouse believes you can settle the matter outside of court with any kind of legal intervention and without the help and counsel of family lawyers — which is a major red flag — at least know what questions to ask my divorce lawyer at the consultation prior to making decision on what you want to do. Keep in mind that working with a divorce lawyer or family attorney is almost always recommended. Without one and without knowing what questions to ask my divorce lawyer, you may end up agreeing to terms that are not in the best of interest of you or your children if you and your spouse have them.

Granted, this entire process and knowing what questions to ask my divorce lawyer can be extremely trying and emotionally draining. After all, you are in the middle of separating from a person who at point meant a lot to you. You have even built a life with this person or raised children with them. But in order to protect yourself, it’s important to discuss your legal options and rights with an experienced, reputable lawyer.

Search for “questions to ask my divorce lawyer”

Once you’ve moved forward with deciding that divorce is your best option and you’ve have a list of divorce lawyers you’d like to schedule a consultation with, it’s important to then do research on questions to ask my divorce lawyer in order to prepare for the initial consultation. Even though you may be going through a difficult time emotionally, knowing exactly what to discuss with a divorce lawyer that may very well end up representing you is a great way to gain clarity on which divorce lawyer you actually want to hire and feel most comfortable working with. It’s also a great way to quickly become familiar with possible options.

No question is a silly question, unless it’s one you don’t ask

Knowing what questions to ask a potential divorce lawyer at the time of a consultation can be confusing. Here are a few of the most common and informative questions to ask

Is divorce your specialty or simply part of your law practice? How long have you been representing divorce clients? Are you a certified family law specialist?

Your chances of being granted a divorce settlement that’s in your favor are much higher when you work a divorce lawyer that’s an expert in their field, not just someone who does it as a favor for a few select clients. Family law is inherently complicated and can be difficult to understand. As such, working with a family law attorney who is a certified family law specialist means they really know what they’re doing!

How will you approach my case? Do you have a strategy in mind? About how long will it take?

Strategy is key! It’s always important to know what the strategy will be before moving forward with a specific lawyer, especially if you want to end things fairly amicably with your soon to be ex.

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