Will Having an Attorney for Your Catastrophic Injury Help Your Claim?

Personal injury law

Have you ever been injured at your job? Certain professions are more likely to answer yes of course, such as an automotive mechanic or a kitchen worker. Someone in a more clerical position is probably less at risk, but anyone can take a fall if the conditions are right for it. Of the more than 3 million workplace injuries reported in 2013, 229,190 of those were due to a fall, slip, or trip. A wet floor, loose carpeting, or a protruding piece of furniture can cause any of these to happen in any business environment. A slip can result in something as minor as a startled reaction, or as severe as a sprained wrist or ankle. When you need a trip to the doctor and time needs to be taken off work, that is the time to be careful.

Who Needs An Attorney for Catastrophic Injuries?

When you are suffering from a personal injury, it is important to know what can help your claim, and what can potentially hurt your claim. An attorney for catastrophic injuries has seen it all, so to speak, and is more familiar with personal injury law. What you post on social media, for example, can give fodder to the other side if your place of business decides to fight your claim.

It may seem unlikely, but a court can order you to surrender records of any posts you make to social media concerning your injury if it is deemed relevant. This means that a post on the day of the injury insisting to friends and family that the injury itself is not too bad, and is not hurting you too much, could potentially be used by the other side to prove that the injury was minor. Simply put, things you would not suspect can work against your claim. It pays to know what those things may be.

What Can an Attorney for Catastrophic Injuries Do For You?

An attorney for catastrophic injuries has had countless cases similar to yours, and therefore is familiar with possible pitfalls and victories. It is likely a shaky time for you, especially if the injury requires your time away from work. A knowledgeable attorney can help guide you through the process and tell you what to expect, from what will need to be done to what the timeline might be. They will tell you what to do immediately, what documents to have in order, and how the proceedings will play out. During an uncertain time, it is profitable to know what to expect.

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