8 Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents

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There are many rules of the road. There are some that are legally placed upon you and there are some that are more of the unspoken variety. As a driver it is your priority and responsibility to be aware of these rules and to follow them at all times. If you don’t follow these rules you might not just get yourself and others hurt but you’ll have to deal with truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and you’ll need to get yourself an auto accident lawyer. Here’s 8 tips on how to keep yourself safe.

  1. Avoid Trucks
    First, it’s important to know that you should be careful around trucks. Trucks are huge piece of metal power that also have several blind spots. In fact, its been found that truck accidents injure or kill at least one person every 16 minutes. Adding to that, 75% of truck accidents are actually caused by the passenger car. To keep yourself safe, steer clear of trucks by not staying directly behind them or to their sides.
  2. Driving Slower in the Rain
    It’s also good that you stay aware of the weather around you as you drive. You want to make sure that when conditions get bad, you’re ready to drive in it. You don’t want your auto accident lawyer to have to fight a losing battle because you drove haphazardly on a wet road. As such, consider switching your tires during wet seasons. Also, drive slower when its raining out. Your tires will be less likely to grab traction on the ground due to the water. So drive slow and give your car a fighting chance.
  3. Caution At Night
    Night time is not the right time for you to be driving around. This could be becasue of the heighted amount of wildlife, drunk drivers, or the low visibility. You should use caution when you decide to drive at night, and if you can you should just decide to stay in. It will keep you, your car, your passengers, and the others on the road much safer.
  4. Caution With the Elderly
    It’s also importnat to be cautious around the elderly. As they reach higher ages their mobilty and reacting skills may decrease. As such, you should be careful driving around them.
  5. Designated Driver
    While there are many ways that you can prevent drunk driving, the most obvious and the safest way is to just forget about driving at all. Get a friend who can drive you instead to stay sober that night and switch the next time you two go out.
  6. Breathalyzer
    Adding to that, maybe it would be a good idea to get your won personal breathalyzer. THis way you can know if you’re too drunk to drive for sure. In addition, there are even cars with built in breathalyzers that won’t drive if you’re too drunk.
  7. Avoid the Fast Lane
    It’s would also be good if you prevent your own use of the fast lane. First off, by being in the fast lane you are placing yourself around drivers who are trying to keep quick paced driving that could go wrong. In fact, most highway accidents occur on the left lane. In addition, by being in the center lane instead of the left one you can ensure that you have more room to move around if something were to go wrong.
  8. Caution in Parking Lots
    The final tip on this list is to always be careful when you are in a parking lot. You would think that this would be common sense, but it turns out that 206 people die a year due to parking lot accidents. Due to our sense of parking lot safety being common place, we can actually, and ironically, allow ourselves to make mistakes. In order to prevent this, always look around before, during, and after parking or getting out of a parking spot. Also, if you can consider upgrading to a car with a backup camera when you buy your next vehicle.

Protect yourself from having to deal with personal injury settlements and finding the best auto accident lawyers by following these tips. And if you end up on trial anyway, you can assure your auto accident lawyer that you tried your best and didn’t give him or her a hard case to win.

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