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Will You Need an Estate Planning Attorney?

Updated 3/30/22.

For corporate estate planning, you should hire an estate planning attorney to design and execute your legal paperwork rather than an online trust maker for several reasons:
Update documents as needed
Trusts, wills, and other estate planning papers are not a one-time undertaking. An estate planning attorney will help you review your plan and the supporting papers as life events or financial circumstances change.
Ensure your documents are legal
Working with an estate law lawyer professional ensures your paperwork aligns with current state law.
Confidence in what your documents say
In truth, estate planning jargon can be confusing. A skilled attorney at law will strive to understand your preferences, so they can draft documents that appropriately represent your intentions.
Legal advice on asset titling and beneficiary designation
An estate planning attorney will guide you in changing beneficiary designations and retitling accounts and property, so your estate plan includes all of your assets.
Professionally prepared and executed papers
Your attorney will ensure your paperwork is official, appropriately arranged, and has notary public signatures if needed, so you don’t have to.
Future questions for you and your loved ones
The last benefit is establishing a relationship with an estate planning attorney who will be there for you in the future. After your death or incapacity, your attorney can help your loved ones navigate the process of settling your estate and administering your trust.

Estate planning attorneys add value in a variety of ways. They go well beyond simply supplying you with printed wills, trusts, and estate planning inventory forms or other estate planning papers.

Sometimes, estate planners are important to consider. Estate planning mostly takes place, when a loved one is about to pass, and there is an expectation about their passing. An example of this is someone who is requesting that their estate be carried over to another family member, because they are about to die of cancer, another illness, etc. Thus, weeks are given to prepare. Now, some important questions to ask about estate planning are as follows. What are some common estate planning documents? What are some common estate planning questions? In relation to planning someone’s death, there can be unexpected costs that come up. As such, cheap estate planning should be considered, so that people can better assess what type of planning they can and cannot afford. For example, corporate estate planning can have assets added that make the plan more costly or less costly. The same applies to other types of planning as well. In short, when it is expected that someone is going to pass away, plans should be taken into consideration.

Are there cheap estate planning service providers near me? Can I do my own estate planning? Yes, you can. With the common estate planning documents and right instructions, most people prefer planning with or without an estate planning lawyer. There are several common estate planning questions most people ask. For instance, why is it important to consider estate planning?

When it comes to estate planning, there are many reasons why you might want to do it. Perhaps the most important reason is that you want to ensure your loved ones are taken care of after you are gone. You can create a will that specifies who will inherit your property and assets, and you can also name a guardian for your children if something happens to you.

Another reason to do estate planning is to ensure that your medical wishes are carried out if you become incapacitated. You can create a living will or health care proxy that spells out what treatments you do and do not want, and this will help ensure that your wishes are respected even if you cannot speak for yourself.

Estate planning can help reduce the amount of taxes that you owe after you pass away. This can be particularly important if your estate is worth a large sum of money, as it may affect the beneficiaries who inherit from you.

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Having a last will and testament is just not as popular as it used to be, to everyone’s detriment. Writing a will can be a detailed affair, which is why many people put off writing one for themselves. The other reason why about 64% of the population doesn’t have one is because they mistakenly believe they just don’t need one. The truth about wills of all types is that every adult can benefit from estate planning. You simply will not always be around to dictate to others what you want them to do with your things.

Estate Planning Is For Everyone, Not Just Those With Real Estate.

An estate planning attorney is someone who can help you make a plan in advance for how your estate will be divided up when you die: to whom, in what amounts, and when they will receive it. The specifics are for those families that have good cause to make sure monetary sums are not delivered instantly to an immature family member, and in a lump sum. Likewise, if there is a special family heirloom that you know carries a lot of importance to one person in particular, you want to make sure they get it when you pass.

Your estate is more than simply real estate, although that is one aspect of estate planning. The estate is everything you own, meaning any real estate properties, bank accounts, automobiles, furniture pieces, or life insurance payouts. So do not assume that simply because you don’t own real estate, you don’t have much use for a will.

Don’t You Want to Be Prepared? You Won’t Get Another Say In the Matter Once You’re Gone.

It’s fair to assume you have some preferences to who gets your stuff once you’re gone. Whether you choose to have everything go to charity or split amongst family and friends, surely you want things to go a certain way. Of those Americans between the ages of 55 to 64, about 51% do not have a will. That means more than half of senior citizens do not have a plan for their possessions.

The people who do not have a will may insist that they don’t care. It will not be their problem anymore once they are gone. They aren’t wrong; the burden will not fall on them at all. It will fall on the people they’ve left behind.

The Burden of Estate Planning Will Fall On Your Loved Ones.

Let’s pretend you don’t have a will, and then you die. What happens to everything you own? Your state will have a plan, abet the most basic and straightforward plan. If you were married, the spouse gets everything, unless you have children in which case it will be divided equally among your spouse and children.

Maybe that idea is fine with you. Perhaps you trust your spouse to divide up your possessions appropriately. But consider if that is really what you want. Now, the task of dividing your things is their job. It is not that the job goes undone, it is that you foisted it onto someone else, and someone else who will be in the process of grieving you.

Don’t be inconsiderate. This is one action you cannot go back and fix. Take the time to draw up an estate plan so that your loved ones do not have to do your job for you.

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