Are Free Legal Services Available in Your City?

Free legal services

For some people, the prospect of having to find a lawyer can be more troubling than it is for most. Rates vary, but many lawyers charge several hundred dollars per hour of counsel and service. Lawyers are expensive because they provide specialized services which require years of education and training. This of course does not make the average person feel any better when they know they will have to somehow come up with the money to pay for that counsel. Fortunately, depending on your situation, there may be free services available to you. So where can you find these free services?

1. Non Profit Organizations

Some cities have non profit organizations which work to provide free legal services to those in need. Exactly what legal services are provided for free will vary from organization to organization. Some organizations can only provide help with non criminal legal issues, and others may specialize in family law, housing, immigration, or may only be able to help low income individuals. Many of these organizations run only with the help of volunteers and donations from the community.

2. The United States Department of Justice

Free legal services are sometimes provided directly from qualified lawyers. You can check with the United States Department of Justice to find the non profits previously mentioned as well as lawyers acting of their own volition to provide free legal service. In New York there are approximately 36 individuals and organizations who have put their names and contact information up for your perusal.

3. Online

Thanks to the internet, more information is available online than ever before for those needing some legal advice at low, or no cost. Some websites can put you in touch with a real lawyer, other sites act as central hubs for information and advice written by practicing lawyers and experts. When you visit one of these sites either search for information by the issue that you have encountered, or by state for resources much like what are provided by the United States Department of Justice.

Do not let financial problems or a troubled budget keep you from receiving the legal aid that you need. Refusing legal counsel, or not using the resources available to you could result in legal troubles, leading to further financial problems, and a potentially vicious cycle. Investigate resources online, from the justice department, and from you local non profits to find free legal services.

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