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Business law

There are fewer things more important to a business owner than a strong business attorney. Often kept on retainer, business lawyers are there to handle paperwork, provide legal counsel, and engage in litigation when necessary. Some are even available to business owners for estate planning. While having a business lawyer is an important precaution for companies to take, not just any business lawyer will do. Rather, a high quality attorney with experience in the business law field is essential. When looking for a business lawyer, be sure to keep an eye out for these things in particular:

  1. Experience When choosing any lawyer, it is wise to investigate a little. How long has the attorney been specializing in the business law field? What kind of training specific to business law has he or she had? Some attorneys might list business law on a very long list of specialties. If possible, try to choose one who focuses on it almost exclusively. He or she will have plenty of expertise and will be well qualified to help you.
  2. Qualifications Make a call to your state bar to confirm that the lawyer is in fact licensed and in good standing. Any lawyer who has been charged with infractions or who is lying about his or her licensure is not a wise choice at all. Also look into your area’s local association for business lawyers. Membership indicates commitment to the practice.
  3. Recommendations In this case, it’s a good idea to have a talk with other business owners to discover which lawyers they’ve worked with and which ones have been the most successful. You can also look online for reviews from others.
  4. Fees There are some business lawyers who make their livelihood by being kept on retainer by companies. Others, however, focus almost solely on litigation and are likely to charge higher retainer fees. Find out which camp your lawyer falls into before making a decision.

In any case, choosing a lawyer is an involved and moderately stressful process. Choosing a business lawyer, however, is often doubly so. Because you’ll be in frequent contact with the attorney, it’s important for you to feel comfortable with and confident in the person you hire. Take your time in narrowing down your candidate pool and find a lawyer who will do right by your company. Helpful links.


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