Are You the Victim of Police Misconduct or Brutality? Civil Rights Lawyers Would Like to Know More

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Recent long-term studies indicate that almost 1,000 Americans were fatally shot last year by police. While media coverage of police brutality cases has been extensive, statistics show that only about 4% of all shooting victims were unarmed. For the majority of police shootings — a small percentage of which are being prosecuted as cases of police misconduct — the victim was suicidal, had mental problems, brandished a weapon, or ran from police.

The advent of dashboard cameras for civilian vehicles and the increased use of body cameras by police officers is changing the landscape of police misconduct trials. The rate of video evidence used by policy brutality lawyer teams in formal trials has doubled in the last decade; although convictions of police officers remains a rare event in American courts, civil rights law teams are dedicated to using every available method to pursue justice and to work for a higher conviction rate among officers accused of on-duty brutality and misconduct.

Unfortunately, studies — and videos — also show that sometimes, citizens are handled roughly or shot by police, seemingly without provocation. Internet websites and television news programs advise citizens to “know your rights with police,” but many citizen activist groups believe that in the face of widespread police misconduct, citizens who know their rights and who try to defend them may be even more at risk for retributive violence by officers of the law.

A police brutality lawyer can help people who have been victimized by police officers to formulate their defense in court. Civil rights law cases are often matters of great public concern, and conferring with a lawyer regarding legal issues can be the first step toward addressing widespread patterns of social and economic inequality. A police brutality attorney can help pursue justice for the families of people who have been illegally injured or killed by police, and for people who have been wrongly accused of a crime regarding the injury of police officers.

In an era where it can sometimes seem that the principles of democracy and civil rights law are ignored and overwhelmingly criminally violated by law officials, studies continue to indicate that police shooting of unarmed individuals is relatively rare. However, for the friends and families of individuals killed by on-duty police officers, instances of citizen fatalities remain all too common and extremely worrisome. Activists and civil rights law teams will continue to press for justice until all citizens are assured of a lawful outcome in instances of police misconduct and brutality.

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