Why Court Reporters are So Important

Court reporting anderson

When we think of a court case, we tend to think of the judge, jury, the lawyers, the defendant, the prosecutor and even security but one person that regularly gets overlooked is the court reporter. Even movies and TV shows tend to show all of the people mentioned above, and even if you can see the court reporter in the scene, they are never an important part. However, they are one of the most important workers there. Court reporting services are not as simple as it sounds. Court reporters themselves are very crucial to the case and to attending to the deposition services needed to keep records. Providing word for word transcriptions at any legal events can be quite a task. People do not slow down in order for the reported to be able to keep up. They expect the court reporters deposition services to be at a high enough standard that they can keep up on their own.

The job duties of a court reporter are usually the following:

  1. Be present at all events that require transcripts.
  2. Record all spoken dialogue as well as gestures and body language.
  3. Review and if necessary, repeat notes.
  4. Prepare all the transcripts to be recorded.
  5. Proofread and edit any transcripts and correct errors.
  6. Give copies of any transcripts to all parties involved.

These workers really to play a vital role in any kind of legal proceeding. If they were not there, there would be no record of the trial, case, testimonies or depositions. They are also responsible for organizing and producing the official record so that counsels and the court can refer to it if necessary. That’s why it is so imperative that the court reporter to record accurate information in their deposition services.

At times, court reporters will work with deaf or hard of hearing people by turning the speech into text in real time so they can follow the court case at the same time as everyone else. Different equipment is used to transcribe speech depending on how and what the reporter is recording. Nowadays technology has evolved enough that the court reporter does not actually have to be in the room. They can hear and transcribe through the Internet or phone connection provided.

Court reporters are required to complete formal training at a college or technical institute. Some courts require an associates in court reporting and all require at least a certificate for entry level positions. Typically, court reporting programs will include an English course as well as legal procedures and legal terminology classes. Because all court reporters have to be licensed to work in the legal setting, competition is such that many colleges will offer a secondary, optional certificate program to help the future court reporter stand out from the rest.

Even with the best training in the world, providing deposition services can be a challenging career. Finding a court reporter with the training, licenses and character qualities needed can be difficult. The qualities one should look for when hiring a court reporter are:

  1. Concentration ? a court reporter needs to be able to concentrate for a long time and remain focused on what they are doing without being distracted by everything going on around them.
  2. Detail oriented ? they must be able to create transcripts that are completely free of errors as they become legal records.
  3. Listening and writing skills ? well a court reporter needs to understand grammar, vocabulary and punctuation this is not the only skill they need. They also need to be able to listen properly giving their full attention to those who are speaking as well as giving their full attention to what they are writing at the same time.

If you think you fit the qualifications, it can be a very rewarding job being able to participate in legal proceedings. It is an entry level job in the beginning so you would have to work your way up in order to make any real money. The top 10% of court reporters make more than $90,000 but in the beginning, everyone starts off around $24,000. However, if you cannot multitask, then court reporting is definitely not the career you want to choose.

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