Find Out What is EB-5 Visa and K-1 Visa for Immigration

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Immigration in the United States has been one of the most hotly contested issues for the past decade or two. As such, there are a number of legal specifics put in place in order to help you best answer how to immigrate to USA. Here are five facts to help you familiarize yourself with some of this legal immigration terrain.

One question you may be asking is what is EB-5 visa. The history of this visa dates back to 1992 when Congress initiated a plan that would help both the U.S. economy and prospective immigrants. What is EB-5 visa? It began as a pilot program that allowed for economic and job growth while affording certain individuals the chance to become permanent citizens of the U.S.

How was this accomplished, exactly? The EB-5 visa was granted to prospective citizens who invested at least $1 million in the country to create or preserve at least 10 jobs for government workers. The threshold amount could be $500,000 as long as it was invested in what was called a target employment area, like unemployment. What is EB-5 visa? Essentially, it is a chance to buy your way into America.

This works well for the wealthy, but if you are trying to come to America to get married, you have a slightly different process. How to apply for marriage visa involves what is known as the I-129F fiance(e) petition. Proper completion of this form allows the foreign-born person to enter the U.S. for a period of up to 90 dates and get married to a citizen.

Additionally, you may be asking yourself what type of visa do I need to come to the U.S. under different circumstances. An immigrant visa will allow a foreign-born person to become a legal U.S. citizen after a series of steps are met. A non-immigrant visa allows for a temporary stay in the U.S.

When you become a citizen, your green card is essential. What is a green card? It is your permit that lawfully allows you to both live and work in the United States. You must keep it on your person in accordance with the Immigration and Nationality Act or else face repercussions such as a $100 fine or 30 days jail time.

What is EB-5 visa? What is I-129F petition? Hopefully, these questions have been answered for you now. When you need to, find a good immigration lawyer online to fight for you. Reference links.


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