Four Common Causes Of Work Injury And Illness

work injuryAccidents can happen anywhere you go. Unfortunately, because we spend much of our time at work, many of those accidents are bound to happen in the workplace. Up to 22% of incidents involving slips and falls resulted with American workers missing up to 31 days of work. Approximately 3 million workplace illnesses and injuries were reported by American employers in 2012.

To avoid being one of these 3 million injured or ill workers, here are four common causes of work injury and how you can avoid them.

  1. Poor organization
    One of the most common causes of work injury is a lack of organization in the workplace. This is especially true of home health care workers who are working in an unfamiliar environment. Shred old documents and keep clutter away from work tables and desks. By keeping your workplace clean and clear of clutter, you can help to reduce the risk of being hurt on the job or even suffering from wrongful death.
  2. Poor cleanliness
    Work related illnesses are often caused by a lack of cleanliness in the workplace. There are up to 200,000 bacteria lurking in every square inch of an office carpet. Without routine cleaning, hand washing, or antibacterial wipe-downs these bacteria and irritating allergens can make your workers sick. Emphasize the importance of keeping the work area clean and you’ll see a reduced number sick days being taken by your employees.
  3. Overextension and overexertion
    Many injuries in general are often caused by an overextension of the limbs. Movements such as lifting, pulling, pushing, bending, and crawling can take their toll on the body if done enough times. Without proper rest, workers can become injured due to muscle tears. Make sure your co-workers or employees are taking their own safety to heart and use equipment specifically meant for work activity. This will reduce the amount of pressure placed on the joints, muscles, and ligaments.
  4. Slips, trips, and falls
    Slip and fall injuries are likely to happen when workers don’t use the correct equipment. For instance, a fall may occur when a worker decides not to use a ladder and instead climbs their way to a high shelf for convenience. Slips and trips can also occur when wires and cords are left out in the open or going across the floor. An unsuspecting or distracted worker can easily trip over these cords and suffer from injury. By law, it’s necessary for wet floors to be labeled with a sign. Consider doing the same for any wires or cords left out.

You can help to keep your workplace safe for your employees and co-workers. Organize your workplace by getting rid of old paperwork and ensuring that files are in their proper location. Keep wires and cables off of the ground and place signs of warning around the location. Finally, enforce the necessities of using work equipment for the sake of your workers’ safety. With these changes in mind, you can make your workplace safer and prevent work injury.

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