Own a Gun? Remember These Important Legal Considerations


The United States is constantly debating about the ethics and laws of weapons. Some believe that gun ownership is a citizen right. Others believe that guns, and other weapons, should be left to the authorities. These debates often come up after a gun related incident occurs, but may also be present when individual concerns of gun ownership come up. Weapons offenses can leave you with large fines, permanent legal record changes, and even jail time. If gun ownership is important to you, be sure that you are following the laws and specific state rules.

Understand your state?s specific laws
Different states have different laws. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to know when you are allowed to carry and when you are not. The specific state?s laws may vary even more in terms of how you are allowed to carry your weapon. Some say that it must be visible at all times, while others believe it should be hidden, unless needed. All of these differing laws can make it extremely difficult to know what is legal and what is not. The best thing you can do is to fully understand the state you live in?s specific laws. Taking a legal class before carrying can also be helpful.

Invest in secure locking devices
Another problem that commonly occurs with gun ownership is that the legal gun falls into an authorized person?s hands. The gun can be stolen, or a child can gain access to it. Both of these situations result in disastrous outcomes. This is why it is so important to invest in secure locking devices. These are security based storage systems for your weapons. They prevent weapons offenses from occurring and keep other members of the household safe. Just make sure your gun safe is in an easy reachable location for quick access. Most criminals can burglarize a home in less than ten minutes. Additionally, according to a crime victimization survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice, a household member is present during approximately 28% of burglaries, and 7% of these victims experienced some type of violent crime. Keeping your gun safe close can prevent these violent crimes.

Avoid illegal activities
Although you should always avoid legal activities, you should take extra care to do so when owning a gun. There are many illegal activities that are made worse when a gun is present. For example, if you are charged with drug possession, you will already face drug charges and likely, jail time. However, if a gun is also present, you will be charged with more severe of drug crimes. It is also likely that you will lose ownership of your gun. Also, take care when drinking alcohol and carrying a gun. This is also illegal in most states.

Never brandish your weapon
In many states, brandishing a weapon is also illegal. Your gun should only be shown when it is needed. Threatening or flashing your gun is considered illegal and you could be faced with legal charges, as well as losing the ability to carry your gun in public anymore. Just remember to keep your gun hidden, unless you need to take it out to use it for personal defense. Many weapons offenses include criminal defense charges from someone brandishing their weapon.

Know when you need an attorney
Gun and weapons offenses can be potentially life changing. They can ruin your ability to ever own a weapon again. They can also charge you with severe legal charges, affecting other areas of your life. When you are facing weapons offenses, it is best to work with an experienced criminal defense law firm. This law firm should have attorneys aware of the specific states gun and weapons laws and know the appropriate ethical considerations, as well.

The country cannot seem to come to an agreement on gun ownership. This results in many gun legal charges and debates around pulling gun ownership. If you are going to own and carry a gun, it is crucial that you follow all legal rules and avoid any illegal activities. If you do get into trouble, know when it is time to hire a criminal defense law firm.

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