Have your affairs in order before it’s too late to protect your family

There are many aspects of life that people don’t want to think about. One of those aspects being the fact that eventually everyone is going to come to pass and death is an unavoidable state forever. Hiring an estate planning attorney could be in your best interests in order to keep your affairs together and to have a will in place for your loved ones after your time comes. Studies have shown that more than half of Americans who are between the ages of 55 and 64 do not have wills. In fact, 64% of America does not have a will. While thinking about estate planning and hiring an estate planning attorney is never high up on anyone’s to do list, it is important for your family after your passing. Being prepared for these days will only benefit your loved ones in a time where it is the last thing they want to be doing while grieving the loss of your.

Writing a will can be a scary move to make. It is a will that sort of sobers us in our spots and shows that we are not as invincible as we might want to believe we are. Here are some reasons as to why your will is an important move to make and why hiring an estate planning attorney could make the whole thing run smoother.

For Your Own State of Mind

Rather than worrying about how your loved ones will be provided for and what will happen to your important assets having a will can assure you that you have some control over what happens to those around you after you have perished. Assuring yourself that they are taken care of and that you don’t have to worry about them can take a lode off of you and make your passing easier in a way.

Setting Up Power of Attorney

If something were to happen suddenly and you weren’t able to make decisions for yourself, having a will would make it so that you could choose who it was that has the right to make your decisions. Having a will also means that you can dictate what happens in the event that medical treatment may need to be involved. If you would like life saving machines to be an added measure or if you would rather them not ever be used, your will can encompass all of these decisions for you.

Reduce the Mess For Your Family

Do you have a family that is constantly at odds over things? Do you believe that your death will only give them more to fight over by means of your personal belongings? Having a will can make it so that you get to assign things rather than allowing a volatile family to fight over things that really do not matter after you’re gone. Taking the chance to assign things can reduce pain that a family might feel fighting over things after you’re gone.

Over Write a Handwritten Will

Having a will lawyer or an estate planning attorney can make it so that any other handwritten will is null and void. If you might have written a will at some other point and it resurfaces after your passing, having an estate planning attorney with an official will can make it so that any other claims on your things will not come to pass. Assuring yourself of these things is important.

For all of your will and power of attorney needs be sure that you have an estate planning attorney to secure your wishes and make sure that the requirements that you ask of are protected. Having your will written prior to your death can be a large burden taken off of your loved ones. If you are under 40 and do not yet have a will made, perhaps it is time to contact a lawyer and do some research into helping out yourself and your family when your time eventually comes.

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