The Importance Of The Personal Injury Case In The United States

From car accidents to wrongful death cases to bicycle accidents, the typical accident law firm has its hands full here in the United States. There are many causes of personal injury claims in this country, and the average accident law firm will be tasked with handling many of them. Because of this, the accident law firm that seeks to be successful will have a team of strong lawyers on board, ranging from the slip and fall attorney to the motorcycle accident attorney, depending on the types of cases that they see most frequently.

It is safe to say that in most cases, an accident law firm will see many car accident and other such motor vehicle accident cases, as there are as many as six million of them over the course of the year – here in the United States alone! And data shows that car accidents make up as much as fifty two percent of all personal injury cases here and all throughout the country, making them the top cause of personal injury cases around. In these car accidents, the potential for devastating and life long consequences is far too high for comfort, and many people find that their lives are forever and irrevocably changed because of them – and it is these people who are likely to file a personal injury claim at their nearest accident law firm.

For in these six million or so car accidents that occur over the course of the year, as many as three million injuries will be sustained. And while some of these injuries will be more on the minor side and require very minimal healing, if any at all, this is certainly not the case for every single injury sustained in a car accident or other such motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries are common in car accidents, as car accidents and motor vehicle accidents of other types actually cause up to thirty five percent of all spinal cord injuries seen in the United States over the course of just one single year.

And, as most of us already know, spinal cord injuries are not something to take lightly in any way. Spinal cord injuries can seriously impact someone’s life, even changing it completely. For many people who suffer from spinal cord injuries, paralysis becomes a part of their existence, and sometimes this paralysis means that they can no longer work or live life independently. While certainly many people who become paralyzed adapt very well, there is no lying and lying that it is an easy thing to learn to live with and, in many ways, to learn to live around.

Pedestrian deaths are also a concern when it comes to car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents here in the United States, and many a pedestrian death or injury has resulted in the need to hire a personal injury lawyer or at least consult with a personal injury law firm. With up to six thousand pedestrians killed each and every year here in the United States as a direct result of motor vehicle accidents, this problem is only becoming more prevalent as the years pass us by.

There are many causes of these often very preventable car accidents not only here in the united States but all throughout the world as well. For instance, drunk driving is a major and very dangerous problem in the United States. It’s estimated that up to three hundred thousand people drive drunk over the course of just one day alone, although only around four thousand of them (or even less, on some days) will end up actually being pulled over. And the average person who drives drunk on a habitual basis will typically get away with driving drunk up to sixty times before being caught. The consequences of this are severe, with up to twenty eight people dying in related accidents each and every day.

At your local accident law firm, personal injury cases are likely to be hugely commonplace. However, just because one local accident law firm can handle your specific case does not mean that all will be able to, and so it is important to seek the right one.

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