How John P Dolan Can Help You After Multiple DUI Charges

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Every single American makes mistakes. For some of us, those mistakes amount to nothing more than an apology. However, for many, the mistakes we make are far more serious. Many of them land us in need of a federal criminal defense attorney. Quite commonly, our mistakes require a federal criminal defense professional who knows his way around DUI law. For people with multiple DUI charges, there are few better places to turn than attorney John P Dolan.

Not Your Typical Lawyer
When many think of federal criminal defense lawyers, they imagine someone who is stiff and socially rigid. However, one of the reasons people are turning to John P Dolan as their DUI defense lawyer is because he is anything but a stereotype. John is a lifelong drummer. In his youth, his rock and roll group “The Wild Ones” was his passion. These days, when he is not practicing law, broadcasting, or professional speaking, John Patrick Dolan is playing racquetball or practicing Shotokan Karate, the latter in which he has a black belt. The fact is that when seeking an attorney, Americans need someone who understands their problems as a person. John P Dolan is that someone.

Education and Experience
Of course, being personable only goes so far in the court of law. Unarguably, it is his law expertise that makes John a great choice when looking for someone to form sensible DUI defense strategies. During law school, he served as a law clerk and sat second chair on multiple criminal cases, including two murder trials. After law school, he passed the bar exams in California as a certified specialist in criminal law. John’s experience has become a real boon to up and coming lawyers as he lends his legal knowledge to LawTalk MCLE, Inc. as its CEO.

What Can John Offer Multiple DUI Offenders?
As with any legal proceeding, the outcome in a DUI case cannot be guaranteed one way or another. John P Dolan has made it his life’s mission to defend people zealously in a court of law. However, the fact is that multiple offenders often have their driving licenses suspended, at the very least. California is known for its strict multiple offense laws, after all.

John knows his way around the law, however, and will argue to the best of his ability to keep you from jail time. One possible outcome is enrollment in the 18 Month Multiple Offender Program. This requires you to attend 76.5 hours of education, group sessions, extension group sessions, and individual interviews, but it is far better than being sent to jail.

If you are a multiple time DUI offender, then there are far better places you can turn for a drunk driving lawyer than federal criminal defense attorney John P Dolan. He understands that we are all human, but he also understands the law. In short, he is your best shot.
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