Things You Didn’t Know About Personal Injury Cases

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Whether you?ve been involved in truck accidents or workplace injuries and want some info, or you just really enjoy trivia, here?s some little known facts about personal injury lawyers, lawsuits, and claims:

  1. Don?t Say the ?I? Word: Most states won?t allow anyone to use the word ?insurance? when they are actually in trial. The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that a defendant will be treated fairly whether or not they had insurance. Courts don’t want the jury thinking that just because a defendant didn’t have insurance, they’re automatically to blame, or that because they have insurance, they should be convicted simply to get “free money” for an injured person. So if a personal injury lawyer or attorneys for the plaintiffs utters the word ?insurance? or use the name of an insurance company, you?ll often get an immediate mistrial.
  2. Another Insurance Quirk: Some states will ask jurors what company or companies they have insurance with. If they have the same insurance as the defendant, they will be excused. Again, this is to make sure the defendant is treated fairly. You wouldn?t want a juror declaring against the defendant because they don?t like their insurance company and want them to pay, or for the defendant because they don’t want their own insurance company to take a big hit. All these regulations are designed to make sure the trial is only about the merits of the case.
  3. Most Settlements are Smaller Than You Think: When you think about personal injury trials for drunk driving or motor vehicle accidents, you probably remember those few cases where the payout has been incredibly huge. Although there are cases like that, most are actually settled within the insurance policy limits of the defendant.
  4. The Biggest Hurdle Isn?t the Other Guy’s Insurance Company: Having your personal injury lawyer get a settlement from the insurers of whomever hurt you is likely the thing foremost in your mind. But the most difficult thing a personal injury attorney will likely have to do is deal with the client’s own insurance company. They will want to be paid back for every bill they covered from an accident just as soon as the other side pays out.
  5. You Should Have Liability and Uninsured Motorists Coverage: State insurance requirements are pretty low; so low that one or two days in an ICU can blow it all easily. Uninsured coverage protects you from being hit by a driver with no coverage or insufficient coverage for your injuries. Liability insurance is to cover you if you hurt someone in an accident.

The upshot of all of this is simple: insure yourself properly, be careful, and if you get hurt because of someone else?s negligence, find a personal injury lawyer to advise you about what steps, if any, you should take next.

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