When Insurers Defraud Policyholders


There are many reasons why a construction company would need to hire an attorney to fight insurance companies who are attempting to withhold benefits or payments for an accident that has occurred on the property of the construction company. There are many reasons for this, which are enumerated below.

To whit, a construction company files for a grievance act. Perhaps there was vandalism on the property. Perhaps there was damage to construction materials, such as the cranes and the walls and the flooring. Perhaps there was graffiti written on the walls of the construction site.

The construction company needs reimbursement for that. There was damage done and the company deserves the money that the company had signed the insurance policy for. But sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Sometimes the construction company decides to withdraw the policy or feel like the accident doesn’t warrant the benefits the company has paid for.

This is incorrect and there are many court cases to prove this. Here are the following court cases and general statistics about builder’s insurance that have been handled in arbitration or in the court room to decide cases where there has been an agreement broken at the hands of the insurance company against the construction company.

  • In 2015, the American Arbitration Association administered 551 construction industry cases with claims of $500,000 or more. The largest mediated construction case was for $2.6 billion, while the largest arbitration case was $96 million. The total value of all claims and counterclaims in 2015 was $5.5 billion.
  • According to the American Arbitration Association, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is the preferred conflict-management process in the construction industry. The median time frame from filing to award for 2015 construction arbitration cases was just 232 days, or less than eight months.
  • According to the American Arbitration Association, the largest case resolved by one arbitrator was a claim of $232 million. The smallest case (which was resolved by a panel of three arbitrators) was a claim for just $23,000.
  • Per Texas law, a breach of contract claim must be filed within four years, unless the contract specifies two years.
  • According to a 2005 review of civil cases filed in state courts, plaintiffs win bench trials 68% of the time and 54% of the time in jury trials.

There are many reasons why this can occur. An insurance company may just feel like they are not obligated to honor the terms of the insurance agreement between the insurance company and the construction company. They may feel like the damage doesn’t “qualify” under the terms of the policy.

Some insurance providers are dubious individuals who feel like they can “pull the wool” over someone’s eyes and take advantage of them repeatedly. That’s just the way some people in the insurance world are. There are other statistics as well to show how important it is to have builder’s insurance and how important it is to construction companies.

  • Builders risk coverage is written for a minimum one-year term to cover a new building or structure under construction or an existing structure undergoing additions, alterations, or repairs.
  • ISO?s Builders Risk Coverage Form, CP 00 20, is the basic avenue to builders risk coverage in the simplified language commercial property program.
  • According to Colin Guinn of 3-D Robotics, drones will help engineers and architects tackle various construction tasks more accurately.
  • Construction companies that use 3-D printers today mainly print concrete materials.

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Lawyers for construction companies handle litigation relating to issues for construction companies, often on the sites of construction. These lawyers handle issues like when an insurance company foregoes the terms in Builder’s Risk Insurance policies. Lawyers for construction companies handle different claims similar to that matter.

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