What Exactly is the Role of a Real Estate Lawyer?

This video answers some of the most popular questions about real estate attorneys and what they do. Real estate attorneys do much more than most people believe they do, which explains the need for the explanatory video. One thing that a real estate lawyer does is draft contracts for both residential homes and businesses. They also draft leases and documents for people who want to give other individuals access to their homes.

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Consultation is another service real estate agents provide to people. For example, they answer questions that people may have about disputes with their neighbors. They will take the time to consult with someone who has a question about something that he or she doesn’t quite understand if the individual schedules an appointment.

Real estate agents may play a large role in commercial transactions. For example, they may help their clients create LLC businesses. They may also help such clients to understand zoning ordinances and negotiate with the zoning boards so that they can maximize the use of their property.

Another service real estate agents provide is retitling service. This service is for people who obtain investment property and desire to put it into an LLC.

As you can see, real estate agents do much more than most people assume. You can learn more about their duties by watching this helpful video.

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