What is “Power of Attorney?”

When confronted with a court case, many Americans can be easily overwhelmed. Learning legal language is a humongous undertaking, even for law students. Therefore, you shouldn’t freak out if you are put into a situation where you don’t understand everything. If you plan on going to court soon, it’s important to research basic legal terms so you can get a basic understanding of the proceedings. This video provides a definition of the term “power of attorney,” one of the most common phrases used in legal cases.

:Power of attorney” refers to a written document that give your attorney power to transact for you in the courtroom. Basically, it is the transfer of power from yourself to your experienced lawyer.

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Almost everybody does this, as few people in legal trouble have the experience required to have a solid probability of winning a case. Additionally, you can put forth an issue of “transfer of power of attorney,” in which you can forfeit your power of attorney to a close family member if you should become incapacitated. Giving someone power of attorney is big deal, so don’t take it lightly.


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