Accidents at Home May Be Workplace Injuries

Most people know that injuries at work are considered personal injuries. These could include an improperly secured object falling on your head or maybe your hand getting caught in a machine. As long as you and your personal injury attorney lawyer can prove pain and suffering, you may be able to receive monetary compensation for such accidents. However, did you know that accidents at home on company time may also be considered personal injuries?

In 2018, a German sales manager was working from home when he took a walk to his kitchen and slipped. This slip resulted in a broken back.

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He then sought compensation by arguing that workers at home should not receive less protection that those working onsite. A German court recently ruled in favor of this plaintiff that was injured at home on company time from the fall. This potentially sets a precedent that such injuries are personal injuries and that the injured individual can receive compensation. Even though this is a German case, worker compensation trends often spread like wildfire. It may only be a matter of time before worker compensation extends to remote workers here in the United States.


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