What to Expect With Divorce Mediation Services

Going through a divorce is often uncomfortable for everyone. Consider using a divorce mediation service to alleviate stress. Here’s a closer look.

How Divorce Mediation Works


Be advised that most proceedings are settled without mediation. Divorce Mediation services are used primarily to handle cases where none of the other options have worked.

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In serious cases, a judge may order the use of mediation services.

Common Issues

The most common issue that requires divorce mediation services is children. There may be an argument over custody or child support. Financial issues may come up as well regarding assets such as homes, cars, retirement, and savings accounts.

Hiring Someone

You can hire an attorney to represent you. It’s recommended that you hire someone who has experience handling these situations. They can help you assess the main issue that you have a problem with. Your attorney can help you go over the documents and submit a favorable case. Your attorney may ask some tough questions in order to prepare you for every situation possible.


Your attorney will help you develop a mediation statement. The statement should provide a summary of your marriage and which things you and your spouse disagree on. It may take multiple sessions to handle the dispute.

There are benefits to using a divorce mediation service. Examine your situation closely.


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