What You Should Really Know About Lemon Law Cases

If you are interested in learning more about lemon law cases, consider some of the basic information surrounding how the lemon law works. The Tanner Consumer Protection Act, which is part of the California Lemon Law, states that a vehicle is presumed a lemon if, within the first 18 months from delivery to the buyer or within 18,000 miles of use, the vehicle has been out of service for more than 30 total days. a lemon law lawyer is someone you can contact when you feel as though you were sold a vehicle with undiagnosed issues that expose themselves later on. If you purchase a defective vehicle, consider contacting a lemon law firm that is backed by professional attorneys that can guide you through the process for the best outcome.

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Your lemon law claim can be filed and processed in an efficient manner with the help of their expert communication skills and extensive knowledge about the law. In most cases, new cars are always covered under the lemon law, and the manufacturer may be responsible for replacing your vehicle if deemed defective. It is important to ask all the questions you can during this process.

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