Will I Need to Hire An Attorney for a Restraining Order?

Restraining orders are tricky situations. That’s why the creator made this video to talk about restraining orders. Some people need legal advice about them. For example, they want to know if they need a temporary restraining order lawyer.

The critical factor to consider is what type of restraining order was issued.

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There are two prevalent types of restraining orders.

They are civil restraining orders and domestic violence restraining orders.

Typically, family law attorneys do not get involved with civil restraining orders.

This is because the civil restraining orders usually do not involve members of the household, so the family lawyers do not get involved with them.

Such lawyers will get involved with domestic violence orders of protection, however.

Those involve family members, mates, and people within the household. The cases can get complex when children are interested in them.

Family law attorneys get involved with those cases after the plaintiffs have already filed their petitions, and they usually represent the person who is seeking the restraining order.

Sometimes, the defendant may also ask for representation from a family law attorney and may receive such representation.

The video goes into more detail about how these cases work and how attorneys can help. It provides excellent insight for people who were wondering.

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