Obtain a Green Card Through Employment Immigration

Are you a non-permanent resident of the United States? Did you first come to this country to work? Many immigrants to the United States are brought in as temporary or permanent workers because they bring with them essential knowledge that is missing from the U.S. workforce. If this sounds like you, then a valid path to permanent resident status is employment immigration.

Permanent residents of the United States have Green Cards and many of the same rights as U.

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S. citizens. They are legally allowed to stay in the country for their entire lives and to come and go as they please. Many people seek to obtain a Green Card to ensure they can provide the best possible life for their family in the United States.

As a valuable member of the U.S. workforce, you may be able to get a Green Card by working with an immigration lawyer who specializes in employment immigration. They will be able to walk you through the application process for permanent residency in the country. You will have some paperwork to work through, and your employer may have to be involved in the process.

Learn more by watching the video here or by talking to an immigration lawyer in your area.

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