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Family law attorney

If you are considering or have already begun proceedings for a divorce, you should consult a divorce lawyer, often also known as a family law attorney. Divorce is not uncommon and you should not let the experience make you feel lonely, isolated, or defeated. More than 6,600 divorces are filed for each day in America, and Oklahoma leads the nation with a 13.5% divorce rate. People who get married more than once have even worse odds: nearly 75% of third marriages fail. However, because divorces are inherently difficult and emotional times, it is best to retain counsel experienced with the different troubles and concerns that come up in a divorce.

This is especially true if you have children. Child support is a particularly trying aspect of divorce proceedings. There are different forms of child custody that you and the court will have to consider, and child support enforcement can be a problem as it is a requirement for one parent that will last for years through many changing circumstances. For instance, less than 30% of custodial fathers will receive any child support. Ensuring that you get a fair result in your divorce can often require an attorney.

If you are seeking an uncontested divorce lawyer, you should know that even uncontested divorces can still take a long time, with time and costs varying by the complexity of a marital estate’s assets and child custody issues. An uncontested divorce lawyer will still need to guide you through these concerns. Many divorces are uncontested, so you should not have difficulty retaining the services of an uncontested divorce lawyer. Whether you want an uncontested divorce lawyer or you want to fight the divorce, a family law lawyer can help you through the process of the divorce or contest. Research more here.

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